Sports mouthguard come in many different forms.  Some are ready made or include at home creation instructions.   These mouthguards can work but are usually bulky or require use of teeth to keep them in the mouth.  Before purchasing a mouthguard, we recommend you call our office as people with braces, or other dental work should use something custom made for their mouth.   At DHC we specialize in custom-made sports mouthguards for all ages and all activities.

The ADA Recommends mouthguard for the following activities:

  • acrobatics
  • basketball
  • bicycling
  • boxing
  • equestrian
  • football
  • gymnastics
  • handball
  • ice hockey
  • ice skating
  • lacrosse
  • martial arts
  • racquetball
  • rugby
  • shot putting
  • skateboarding
  • skiing
  • skydiving
  • soccer
  • softball
  • squash
  • surfing
  • volleyball
  • water polo
  • weightlifting
  • wrestling

We look forward to helping you and your family protect your smiles or years to come!