Digital Intraoral Camera


Digital Intraoral Camera

Over the years, there have been many advances in dental technology.   Our patients, especially younger patients love using the latest and greatest – the Intraoral Camera!   People are familiar with computers and screens, so this comfortable practice is enjoyable and a great way to better understand your diagnosis.

Dr. John Tessendorf uses the intraoral camera, which is very small to allow our team to view enlarged, detailed images of your mouth, gums and teeth – this helps us make a clear diagnosis and provide you with the best plan for your dental care! This also can be done a lot faster than many other ways of diagnosing dental issues, which our patients are happy about less time in the dental chair!


  • Sit back, get comfortable
  • We insert a small camera on a wand into your mouth
  • We take video of your mouth, gums, and teeth
  • Large, enhanced images are sent to a screen to review with us right from your chair!
  • When you receive your dental plan from us, you will fully see what we see!
  • This camera can show up close how effective your dental hygiene is working and areas you might need to step it up a bit.

We can save these dental images as part of your dental history, which can be helpful with insurance, other procedures, and specialists, etc.   We can even print them out for you!

If you want to explore this and an option for your dental plan, please let us know or call DHC to set up an intraoral camera appointment.