Endodontic Retreatments


Endodontic Retreatments

Teeth that have had endodontic treatments will last a long time, quite often the same as natural teeth.   There are some cases that a treated tooth may still be painful or sometimes the treatment was only partially successful. Pain is an indicator that endodontic retreatment is needed.


  • The crown/restoration did not keep out saliva from inside the tooth, which contaminates it.
  • The crown/restoration was not placed quickly enough after the procedure
  • Canal issues: Narrow or complicated canals were left untreated or even undetected
  • New decay can cause issues with a filling, leading to infection
  • Cracked or loose filling opens a tooth up to infection


Once our team decides to retreat the tooth, the Dentist will reopen the tooth to remove the restorative material allowing access to the root canal.   Your Dentist will then clean the canals and thoroughly examine the inside of the tooth.    The Dentist will fill and seal the canals allowing for a permanent crown/restoration to be put on the tooth. If for any reason a crown cannot be ready that day, a temporary filling is placed, and a return visit will be needed for a permanent crown to allow for restored functionality.