Gum Disease Laser Therapy


Gum Disease Laser Therapy

Periodontal disease, in some form is quite common.   About 75% of Americans have some form, but only 3% of people will get treatment before other issues will occur.

Periodontal disease, commonly called Gum Disease occurs when bacteria gets below the gum line and creates a disconnect between the gum and the tooth. Gum Disease is a painless, silent bacterial infection that is chronic and even communicable.  It typically goes undetected until major gum and bone deterioration makes it impossible to ignore. Traditional treatments can be painful and if untreated major tooth decay and even tooth loss can occur.


New innovations in gum disease therapy utilize a laser.  The laser disinfects and removes infected tissue from around the tooth and well as inside the gum pocket. This gentle treatment stops the bacteria from infecting the tissue and bones, allowing the gum pocket to heal.   Typically, there are 2- 8 treatments for this therapy, which ensure the gums are disease free and even can allow the tissue to reattach.   While there are still cases that require surgery, this less painful approach is effective, gentle and allows for a quick recovery for minor to moderate periodontal cases.