Tooth Fillings


Tooth Fillings

At DHC, we understand that cavities and tooth damage happen.   We have several options to get you back on your way to healthy, good looking smile!


When it comes to repairing a tooth or filling a cavity, there have been many great advancements in technology that allow us to help strengthen your teeth but also ensure they look great!   As a dental practice that is mercury-free, we utilize porcelain inlays and teeth colored restorations (onlays) to make this happen!  We can also help you update your old silver fillings with tooth colored onlays that contain fluoride to help prevent decay, and they look fantastic.


  • Inlays: Like traditional fillings, an inlay is used inside the cusp tips of the tooth and are bonded to the damaged area.
  • Onlays: These are done when more substantial reconstruction is necessary as it extends over one or more cusps of the tooth.

While traditional fillings can weaken teeth, onlays and inlays are made of resin, porcelain and even gold depending on your situation.  These are used when there is quite a bit of damage to the tooth.   With the use of CEREC® Technology, the DHC team can do these in one appointment.  This procedure can strengthen the tooth up to 75% and can last for 10-30 years.


  • DHC will determine the filling type needed onlay/inlay
  • Local anesthetic applied to the area
  • Dentist will remove the damaged area
  • Resin is applied in a malleable form
  • Special Light is used to hard the filling quickly
  • Tooth colored fillings are bonded to your teeth, allowing them to be stronger, last longer and blend with the rest of your smile.

Whether you need a small filling or a full restoration of your tooth, DHC can discuss your options to ensure a you leave happy with your smile!